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    In business and academic communities, it is a well-known fact that the integration of statistical basics into projects and surveys saves both time and money, leading to much more undoubtedly conclusions.

    The statistical consulting service at Advanced CERT Canada offers statistical advice and guidance through data collection and analysis to clients who are in a vital stage to make the right decisions. Our specialists will be delighted to assist with "designing experiments and research studies", "finding out an ample sample size and sampling methodology for a study", "supervising data collection", "statistically analyzing data" , "interpreting results" and " writing-up statistical results for various occasions". Last but not least, the main missions of our statistical consultants are:

    • To facilitate progress of clients' projects
    • To enhance the quality of clients' work by affording effective statistical recommendations
    • To help our clients discover more about the statistical techniques and also the corresponding software packages such as SAS or/and SPSS

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