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Engineering & Analytical Services

With a close collaboration with analytical laboratories at University of Waterloo, Advanced CERT Canada provides a comprehensive analytical services to the Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and polymer based industries and Research centers. A wide range of analytical facilities and techniques are employed in these labs to provide accurate analytical testing of biomaterials, nanoparticles, and polymers for the purposes of Research and Development, environmental and regulatory compliance, and Certificates of Analysis. Thanks to the professionals with years of experiences, Advanced CERT Canada is working on enhancing existing methodologies in the field of analytical chemistry.

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Bench Scale & Pilot Plant Design
Process Design & Optimization
Analytical Tests
Process and Safety Assessment

Research and Development

Advanced CERT Canada is a dynamic hub of research studies in Energy, Environmental, Process Engineering and Bio-Nano Technology sectors. Our Research and Development (R&D) department seeks new green technologies, energy solutions and bio-nano technology protocols with applications in chemical, petroleum and environmental industries. Our research facilities are available in bench and pilot scales, aiming for integration of mathematical modeling, simulation and experimental investigation. We conduct research, analysis, and development in comprehensive manners that lead to innovation of economical engineering methods and also reduction of adverse energy-related environmental effects.

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Technical Consulting & Problem Solving

Advanced CERT Canada provides technical consulting services and expertise in the fields of energy, environment and nano-biotechnology sectors. Advanced CERT Canada includes 6 PhD scientists on the board to provide the highest quality services in technical consulting and problem solving. Our professionals and engineers have practical experience in delivering projects and solving problems. Our professionals at Advanced CERT Canada are committed to offer customized and economized solutions for our clients.

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Process Design & Optimization
Statistical Analysis

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