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    Process modeling and simulation is a low cost tool that enables companies to optimize production for a higher return on investment. The developed models can be leveraged during the plant lifecycle to improve product yields, reduce energy consumption, and reduce engineering costs. Process modeling and simulation enables chemical and petroleum industries to optimize the capital cost during the early stage of design and manufacturing phases.

    Advanced CERT Canada provides a range of consulting services in process modeling and optimization to help companies to maximize plant and business performance and profitability. Scientists and engineers at Advance CERT Canada provide customers with dynamic process simulation solutions to ensure an optimal plant design.

    Statistical consulting is another service, which is provided by Advanced CERT Canada. Our specialists offer advanced statistical consultation and services to researchers and decision makers in various fields at any stage of their projects. Designing surveys and experiments, Sampling, exploring, analyzing data using statistical software, and finally, interpreting and presenting results are our mission in this section.

    In summary, the following process modeling services are afforded by Advanced CERT Canada to clients:

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Dynamic process simulation
    • Process control and optimization
    • Process economic evaluation
    • Statistical analysis

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