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Process and Safety Assessment

Engineering & Analytical Services

Advanced CERT Canada offers integrated economical and environmental solutions and safety assessment services to our clients, and assists in maximizing energy efficiency and product quality while minimizing the residual environmental impacts of the projects through appropriate selection and design of process and technology. We ensure that all environmental regulations and standards are referenced. Our services include:

a) Technical Assessment
Advanced CERT Canada is fully committed to maximizing plant profitability by reducing the life cycle costs of plant equipment. In addition, Advanced CERT Canada can help refinery and petrochemical plant operators optimize the unit performance and reduce energy usage by performing technical assessments of critical systems and identifying the root causes of chronically problematic equipment. Technical assessments cover:

  • Asset Optimization
  • Process Assessment
  • Steam and Cooling Water Systems
  • Firefighting Systems
  • Product Quality Control

b) Environmental Impact Assessment
Advanced CERT Canada considers innovative methods to measure, reduce, and control:

  • Emissions to Air
  • Emissions to Water
  • Liquid, Solid, and Gas Waste
  • Noise & Vibration
  • Odour
  • Resource Consumption

c) Safety Assessment
Hazard evaluation techniques are an integral part of Advanced CERT Canada safety assessment services. These techniques allow plant operators, maintenance planners, and refinery managers to identify and eliminate the hazardous sources in the plant. HAZOP, FMEA, FTA, and RBI are examples of hazard evaluation techniques.



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Established to serve as an engineering, R&D and consulting company, Advanced CERT Canada Inc. offers clients with a variety of services in four main areas namely, Environment, Energy, Nano/Bio technology, and Process Engineering.


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