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Bench Scale & Pilot Plant Design

Engineering & Analytical Services

Prior to design of a large facility for a certain process, implementation of processing systems in the form of bench scale and pilot plant appears to be necessary. These smaller process schemes are used to produce information about the system behavior and also lower the risks corresponded to the construction of commercial plants.

Advanced CERT Canada provides process design, engineering services to the processing industries in various levels such as bench and pilot plant scales. Although only chemical process engineering services are offered, however we apply our process engineering potentials within wide ranges of industries such as petroleum, greenhouse gases (GHG) environment, chemicals, alternative fuels, waste treatment, power generation, nano/biotechnology, and so on. Various technical and process services to conventional engineering firms can be offered by our experts, as well.

In summary, the following engineering services are afforded by Advanced CERT Canada to clients:

  • Micromodels fabrication for mechanistic study of EOR techniques in porous media
  • Design and operation of EOR pilot plants
  • Sizing and design of pipeline flow loops including single phase or/and multiphase
  • Design of lab scale reactors, heat exchangers, and columns
  • Design of experiment (DOE) and statistical analysis for laboratory and pilot plant studies
  • Modeling and simulation of different processes (e.g., environmental, energy and bio/nanotechnology)



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Established to serve as an engineering, R&D and consulting company, Advanced CERT Canada Inc. offers clients with a variety of services in four main areas namely, Environment, Energy, Nano/Bio technology, and Process Engineering.


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