EnergyFlow in Porous Media

  • Flow in Porous Media


    The study of multiphase phase flow in porous media is an important and challenging problem in petroleum and environmental engineering, and also hydrogeology. A few researches on heterogeneous porous systems have concentrated to better account for the capillary, viscous, and gravitational forces. On the other hand, a significant number of studies have been numerical modeling without support from experimental data. Furthermore, there is a dilemma. Many of the experimental researchers have commented that some of their results are either contradictory to, or difficult to explain with theoretical concepts of flow in porous media. Such mathematical modeling and experimental projects in our company enable to capture important aspects of the fluid flow mechanisms during remediation and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods. EOR and Screening criteria in heterogeneous reservoirs are key issues in petroleum industries, nowadays. Extensive studies focused on heterogeneous reservoirs show that there is currently a high level of interest in this type of reservoirs. In order to select the best EOR method for a particular reservoir, it is important to critically analyze the past production performance, including recovery mechanism, daily fluid (oil, gas and water) production as well as cumulative fluid production, and economical aspects of the project. Such a comprehensive analysis helps petroleum industry select the appropriate EOR/IOR methods for particular reservoirs in terms of formation characterizations and hydrocarbon properties.

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