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    Consumption of fossil fuels will continue to be the primary source of energy in the decades to come, since global population and energy demand are increasing considerably, especially in developed economies such as Canada and USA. However, combustion of fossil fuels leads to emission of notable amount of greenhouse gases such as CO2 into the atmosphere. Thus, developing new technologies for large scale geological sequestration of CO2 is inevitable nowadays. In addition, the immediate need to deal with the growing levels of contaminants in groundwater and wastewater is factual and can no longer be disregarded.

    Advanced CERT Canada is motivated to make a constructive contribution within the environmental areas, particularly water and wastewater treatment, control of CO2 emission and remediation techniques. Our commitment is through engineering, innovation, consulting, and our academic and industrial networks. We will offer cost-effective technical solutions to the global warning concerns, and groundwater and wastewater treatment issues.

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